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Hello! It's been a while and it is finally August month! Matsujun month! I had a lot of activities this week and it is just now that I was able to sit down and face the PC.

Here is another entry for the shiyagare food trip, this one was from last month where it featured spicy food (again) and the guest were momoiro clover. they were paired to each arashi member according to color assignment exception to ohno pair because the momoclo team didnt have a member with blue color assignment

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last July 22, 2017.

here's a little preview of who wasnt able to eat this time around. :) it is his second loss for the entire death match history

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I decided to make an entry of some featured eating places from recent Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes. I'll probably focus more on the ones that are located in Tokyo Area. Or, if there are some restaurants that I would find appetizing despite the far location, I might just consider making a post about it

Basically, this is for my reference for future food trips in Tokyo. :)

Restaurant Name: Agefuku (あげ福)
from ANS 05.20.2017

official page: http://www.agefuku.net/
more details of this restaurant seen in this website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1316/A131603/13154272/dtlmap/#anchor-rd-detail

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