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that scene at the last part of the episode where noriko gets a kiss on the head ~<3

yukan club noriko yuya
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just felt like posting another sketch.. he is one of my new favourite characters in OP when i read the chapters where the 11 supernovas were introduced!

its a quick sketch so it's not so nice.. I drew him without his hat.. so maybe he looks like that without the hat? XD
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I am rejoicing for being able to buy a blue pencil just RECENTLY!
stupid me for not buying one Years Ago! >.<

anyways I was taking a break from studying and had fun drawing amara's big brother with the blue pencil and pverlapping it with a mechanical pencil after and removing the blues in Photoshop! It's been a while since I've done that XD

This is the first time I properly drew him in his present age! hehehehe him wearing glasses coz he's like a scientist and he's probably around 21 years old so 5 years older than Amara!! :D hrhrhrhrh!

weeee I love you blue pencil! XD

now off to study!

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finally!!! MONDAY NIGHTS!
lol yeah it kinda sounds wrong but for us medstudents in our school, monday night is equivalent to our weekend!
coz we always have an exam on Monday mornings and we use up the entire weekend for studying coz med school exam's difficulty is like ONI-mode! yes even if they're just 50 item of multiple choice with 4 choices, they are really killers! especially if you study lengthy chapters about an organ system and what comes out is something you missed out while studying! D: torture indeed!

anyways I 'm glad while we had our afternoon clinic duyty in the OB department , there were no patients! thank goodness! so we can relax for a while! and i had fun scribbling really random things! and I shall dump my sketches here!

I dunno why i doodled this one..just felt like drawing random poses as if they're..i dunno.. dancing? i like the assuming pose hehehe!


and here... more randomeness... except for the side view guy..he's Asuka.. one of my OCs ^^

and randomness again... drew a guy with glasses... hrrmmm and there's a Hei headshot from Darker than Black too!

here's a sketch of my OC, Amara corsow's brother.. this is how he looks like in present.. 21 years old. and wears glasses

and I drew myself with my medstudent uniform and glasses...drawing XD I love drawing!

And that's all for now! hope to post more scribbles later!
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I've been imagining this for a while..that I would make a poster where in one side is a Jrock band and on the other side a Jpop Boy Band
And now that I've thought about it..it would be interesting if I will make a story about how a popular rock band in Japan will compete with a new rising BoyBand group as to which music group will be the more popular one. ^_^
I've made some designs for the rocker group already :D

In this sketch, would most probably be the starring guy in the rocker group. I want him to be on the guitars coz having vocal people as starring is too common don't ya think? :)
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I was able to read One Piece Chapter 572! and wow!
as expected another great chapter with more action! XD
I just felt like drawing once again these 2 brothers!
a really quick sketch of Luffy and Ace 8DI really like these too sooo much!!!! Brotherly Love!

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This is still a WIP sketch.....

I was gonna marker this one right away but i failed to realize that I was sketching in the wrong side of the paper! D: No wonder everytime i try to erase the pencil lines it leaves a lot of marks and this wasn't suppose to happen in the marker paper..so I realized that I should avoid drawing on the wrong side of the marker paper.. I'm still gonna photocopy this then add colors thereafter. >.<

these are characters made out of boredom. Amara Corsow is the military girl there. and the other characters were made up by me and the story of carton city where amara encounters the little kid, his secret older brother who is actually a hypnotist and the little kid's caretaker, are all made by me and my younger sister ^^ hehehe


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