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The whole day all I did was sit down facing my netbook and working on our research paper
coz tomorrow will be the research presentation of the third year medical students and we are sooo not ready and our paper still lacks a lot of correspondents!

I'm just glad i had my DS so i could play some edgeworth investigations XD
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I feel so dumb in my OB GYNE exam! all the questions left me WTF it's like i don't know anymore!
well to start things, We barely had time to study so it was really difficulty to cram one giant medical discipline in our heads for a limited time just for that exam! D:

anyways i got to watch durarara episode 8! XD
yey more shinra ! hehehe go doctors! even if he's an underground doctor! it was fun to see him check for the pupillary light reflex on that guy! :D

oh well off to studying! >.<s
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I just didn't feel like studying at all so i ended making these paperchild arts.. I've always wanted to try making these!

lol they're kinda morbid hehehe showing agony of medical students ^^;

girl is hiding in my pencil case LOL


and let the cutting begin!


now stab with a pole

girl is in shock and hiding at the back of my pedia books!

the pole is actually a watercolor brush! LOL

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I've got 2 weeks left...well almost 1 1/2 weeks already coz its gonna be wednesday tomorrow! GAH!
this week is study week of all our friggin hard topics from the first part of the year till the end >.<
and they're not easy to review.. i mean Pediatrics + Surgery + Obstetric-Gynecology + Internal medicine + annoying Preventive Medicine that just popped out all of a sudden???

plus we've got research work during the week! I'm gonna hold my art commission for the 2 remainder weeks until everything is over! >.<

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sorry no drawings  for now >.>

I hate cardio topic! i hate analyzing ECGs and all the deflection and vector and blahs!
This is like my weakest among the other body systems >.<

good luck to me and my classmates as we take another 50 item hellish exam >.<

tis the end of January and February starts tomorrow!!!


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