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Hi!! It's been slightly more than a week since the release of the AYH concert BD/DVD

This was the first Arashi concert I watched, so I have so much feels for this! After watching the concert, it made me realize that it really was a wonderful concert that stayed true to their theme!

Are You Happy?

The intro video wasn't just any opening video that they always show. It was backstage footage during their preparation phase for the concert!! There were so much OTP/member ai moments, the member solos were amazing, how they delivered their performances were stunning!
Even if they had a really simple stage background of multiple square screens, the visuals were totally wonderful! I can still remember how amazed and in awe I was when sho's solo started and the very dull stage BG suddenly transformed into a HUGE HOUSE!

Arashi vocals have really changed throughout the years, like if you listen to a song released in 2005 and listen to a song released this year, you can tell their voices improved! Or is this the effect of maturity? hahaha! You get blown away by Arashi's ballad that everyone was looking forward too, Miles Away. Finally Arashi harmonizing! If they make ballads all like that, I will die happy everytime they release something!

Their concert DVD/BD also achieved the highest 1st week sales since Arafes release! Congratulations!

I'll end up my feels trip here for this concert! Truly was Happy! ;) Arashi fans should watch it!
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I saw this in FB, but I don't wanna post my answers there, so what better option? HERE!!

18 questions about Arashi (since they are turning 18 this year)
Will not tag, feel free to answer them if you want to


1) What year did you became an Arashian?

Officially became one last January 2012 :D I am a 5 yr arashian now!!

2) Which member baited you and how?
Nino! I know I watched hanadan like earlier, around 2007 and heard of matsujun but matsujun wasn't enough to lure me to arashi. I remember my friend even showed me a concert during hanadan days, but still didnt get hooked.
I watched stand up drama during 2011, and at that time I was really into JDRAMAS, and nino's acting amazed me! So I kept watching his other works, then realized that he could sing well, ended up with me realizing he was part of arashi! then I saw variety programs of arashi that featured lots of actors and actresses ( such as VSA, shiyagare, himitsu no arashi chan) and then I realized that they're a really entertaining group. and their songs were actually nice to listen! \

so, thanks nino!

3) Who is your ichiban when you started? & if you chnaged, who is your ichiban now?
ichiban is nino, and I kinda described it in number 2 how it started.. it went way back to the arashi baiting hahaha. and nino still remains ichiban until now

4) What was your first concert when you became a fan.
hmm I watched Beautiful World, I think.. I remembered seeing posts of its release and I even asked for a friend to email me the soft subs XD

5) Emoticon your Arashi rank
Umm I cant emoticon my arashi rank here though because I am in the PC
but this is my rank:

6) Your first Arashi official merchandise?
what was it... probably the arafes 13 limited edition DVD.. coz that time I started work and I could earn money to buy what I like hihihi

7) Fav Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode)?
Fave concert is Boku no Miteiru Fuukei, others would include arafes, LOVE

8) Fave Song (group) from your favorite concert?
Mukae ni Ikuyo. This is one of my favourite, slow type/ballad/dramatic song by Arashi. and it is in this con
also Mada ue o and Let me Go.

9) Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has helped you and has been your source of strength?
frome the song, Everything (refrain part)
赤から青に変わるシグナル 戻ることの出来ない旅の途中で

Aka kara ao ni kawaru shigunaru modoru koto no dekinai tabi no tochuu de
Ashita wo shinjite susumitai

A signal changing from red to green I'm in the middle of a journey that I can't turn back from
I want to go forward believing in tomorrow

translations taken from yarukizero of LJ :)

10) TOP 5 favorite Arashi Group Songs?
To Be Free
______ i always have difficulty which one becomes my 5th rank..
if I would try to include B sides then I would put "it's good to be bad"

11) TOP 5 fav movies of your ichiban?
Gantz Perfect Answer
Platina Data
Assassination Classroom (he is there as korosensei)

12) Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?
Jun: Stay Gold, Shake it
Sho: T.A.B.O.O., Hip Pop Boogie
Nino: Niji / Mata Kyou to Onaji Ashita ga Kuru
Aiba: Hello Goodbye, Magical Song
Ohno: Akatsuki, Song for You

13) Fav games played in VS Arashi
Kicking Sniper, Pinball Runner, Cliff Climb

14) Favorite album?
Boku no Miteiru Fuuke
Are You Happy?

15) Fave PV?
Crazy Moon
All or Nothing
Fuukatsu Love
Don't you get it

haha long list it was

16) Do you own an outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
... nope

17. Given the chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them individually
For Ohno; Let's do an art jam or draw together
For Nino: I want to ask your psn account if you have, let's play games together
For Sho: I want you to meet my friend who is a big fan of you
For Aiba: I want to eat in your family's chinese restaurant, please recommend me a menu
For Jun: I look forward to your next concert production!

18) How will you celebrate the boys anniversary this year?
Last year my theme was arashiful 2016 and I was able to go to my first concert
this year my theme is motto arashiful 2017, and I hope I can attend more concerts, and watch all the member movies coming out this year in Japan!

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Yesterday the announcement that fans have been waiting for has happened!

The Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 ARE YOU HAPPY? concert DVD/BD release date is on May 31, 2017

That is not too far away from now!!!

After one day of refreshing yesasia for PO links to appear, finally I was able to place my preorder on the Limited version, Blu Ray AYH concert!!!

I haven't placed an order on the RE because I plan to buy it when I visit Japan later this year.

My wallet is ready to shed off money. JE knows how to do market strategy indeed!!

Bundling the Japonism Arena Show with the LE... though I already had this feeling since last year that the arena would possibly be released in DVD but bundled to one concert DVD...

I know fans are excited, and I am also aware fans are in despair with the financial crisis..

This was my first Arashi concert, and I NEED to get my hands on that LE! Can't wait for it to arrive!!
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Hi! This is my first entry here in DW!

After the issue that is happening now at LJ, I also want to keep it safe.

So I think from now on I'll post more of my rants and artworks here.

I'll slowly catch up to adding people here in DW.

I will eventually join communities here as well, when I have free time or when I am off duty.

Feel free to add me!
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Finally ... After 3 agonizing years of 24hour duties and overtimes, with only few days of vacation per year...

I can finally say good bye to my makkuro na jinsei!

It's tiring to be a doctor in the Philippines.. So many sacrifices..

I hope this new year will treat me well!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I would be watching the November 20 schedule at Tokyo Dome.

Read more... )
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today finished watching the drama, yoiko no mikata starring sakurai sho! 
yes such an old drama but glad to have seen it!
it was a fun and heart warming dramas! i don't like kids irl but the kindergarten students were an exception.
i think i feel like making fanart of taiyou sensei!! XD
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Hi! I'm back home now! AFA was amazing. this was my first time attending an anime convention this extravagant so i was overwhelmed and excited at the same time!! 

DAY 1: TM Revolution concert
day 1's highlight was the concert of famous JPOP artist TM revolution. Me and my sister went early to AFA to claim our tickets for that concert and for the next 2 days. that was a good thing coz the ticket booths' line were very long the succeeding days!!
TM 01

We got VIP seats for the concert at the left side so we were really near the stage! We had our Tarpouline ready with my drawing of TM in it and a caption " We Love TM Revolution! from Tweese and CC from Philippines". It had a white background so it really stood out especially since we were the only ones in the VIP section that had such a huge banner!! Everytime the lights go brighter and TM goes to the left side of stage we started jumping up and down raising the banner!! I felt kinda sad a bit, coz most of the songs performed were more recent and i couldnt sing along :( i was only familiar with invoke and resonance. but during the 3rd to the last song, before his mini encore, he sang HEART OF SWORD!!! i was soooo happy that i really sang along with him!! I'll never forget the moment when he looked at our direction, pointing at our banner!! XD this was the first ever concert i attended! so happy it was TM Revolution concert! i bought myself a photobook of TM as souvenir! 
i wish that autograph was real but its pre-printed in the photobook! DX

DAY 2: Mainstage events, booths are open!

As i entered the hall, it was full of people everywhere! like a market place! i was able to go around the different booths. There were lots of anime merchandise, figures, and the like! We wanted to go to SAO official booth but the line was really really long..


we gave up on it sad to say! we went to mirai booth and purchased some products coz we are Danny Choo's fans! the awesome automobile was there! 

I definitely went to AMUSE booth to fulfill my J-actors/J-artists fandoms! and whoa! the actual sword and costume of kenshin, and kurokasa's outfit was on display!! @_@ amazing! we also got free fans of amuse!

Also bought some K merchandise at the K booth and got this huge K paper bag!!! the booth was surrounded with lovely images of the characters!


visited creators hub and met the following DA artists: knightcat, miyuki-yoshiharu, geistertsunden, sapphirerhythm, AlexiusSana, and hwei lin lim!

I met festive wind as well! i got to buy a print from her and got her to sign at the back of the print!! 

I saw the Horipro booth and saw ayase haruka and fujiwara tatsuya on TV giving out a message to fans!! i love these actors so much! and in one part of the wall of the booth was a signature of kishio daisuke on it! got my picture taken there!! XD

We were able to attend the K cosplay competition and saw from a far, Kaname and Go Nakanishi. waaaah i wanted to get autographs but the line was already full!!


DAY 3: Main stage events, more booths
We continued going around the booths that we failed to visit yesterday, coz of the long line. unfortunately SAO booth's goods were officially sold out during day 1!! so we could not buy anything anymore! :(

I also met ein lee!!! i love this artist and i am so happy to get an art from her with her autograph at the back!! XD 

We got to see the end part of sphere! took some pics so i got to see ayahi takagaki and tomatsu haruka!!

then Danny Choo's talk came after! His talk about his company made me inspired some more! and I idolize him some more!! in the middle of the talk, my sister raised my sketchpad with the drawing of mirai and danny commented "Nice illustration you have there" @________@ *fangirlmode* at the end of his talk, we tried to go near him to give him dried mangoes from our country, and he actually came down on stage to meet us! i had my drawing signed by him and he said to put it up on twitter! and my sister got a picture with him! we gave him our cards! that moment was glorious!


after that, we watched the finals group cosplay! all the judges were awesome cosplayers!!! all the contestants had amazing performances!! we cheered for our country of course!!! then we left coz we had to pack up for our flight home


I'm happy i experienced this kind of event. its the first and i hope i can experience more of it in the future!!\


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feeling all the excitement, and preparing for the upcoming AFA in Singapore! who else are going!
will be giving little art card freebies if i can bump with some fellow artists! :D
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yes the goods have arrived!!! the august ORISTA with ARASHI cover and the Kamisama no Karute Official Memorial Photobook!!! these goods are just soooo delicious!!! XD

ENJOY YOUR GOODS!!! rinarin_0

Sep. 14th, 2012 02:26 pm

number 268

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WIth this I became a happiest person in the world! at that moment! august 31,2012 T___T finally a doctor!!!passed DOC CC orig
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gonna list down my unfinished jdramas! have to finishe them soon!:

Ending Planner
Seinaru Kaibutsutachi
Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri
Honey and Clover
Tokyo Dogs
Binbo Danshi
Kaibutsu kun
Nazo toki wa Dinner no ato de
Natsu no koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku
Zettai Kareshi
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after finishing uta no oniisan.. the next drama i picked was one with matsujun and other cast that seem so familiar like i've seen them from other dramas but was too lazy to check out their names and other roles they played.

natsu no blah (such a loong title) seems like an interesting love story. i think i have outgrown myself from highschool life genres or maybe because there arent any that's good anymore...

we'll see how this will turn out! :)
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been watching heavy suspense-ish dramas lately like maou, the quiz show, and ryusei no kizuna (fairly drama) so decided to find another jdrama series to watch which is contrary to the genres i was previously watching..

thought i'd give uta no oniisan a try coz it has ohno and maruyama. it seemed fun and interesting! I'm excited to see more!! XD
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lol i saw my last post and it was when i ranted about internship preparations!
that was a hell year.. graduated last year and im currently a PGI in another hospital. 2 more months to go and i'll be reviewing the boards now! O_O
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just had a haircut...

and gonna eat dinner..

I have to start preparing for my internship! gotta buy supplies whatsoevers..

gaaaah my vacation is gonna end soon and a loooong year awaits me ;___;
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gonna randomly post stuff again! starting off with drawings!

I found this sketch while i was browsing some old sketches from last year and I just had the feeling to color this one in the computer! these are my OCs the boredom breakers XD the guys are like waiters for the day hehehe!

and this is another marker work showing matsumoto of the rock band story I have and the center guy of their rival JPOP artist which is a boy band! i got tired of the BG! D:

And I finally saw Durarara!! 11! It was interesting and fun and all!!! and the best part was the cameos of our Baccano heroes: Isaac and Milia! their trademark conversation was the best and especially when Milia says Sugoi that echoes!!! XD I love Onosaka Masaya's comical voice as well!! 

you guys...


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i finally got to watch the movie 21~
It was really interesting..and i was amazed of how smart those kids really are!!!

and i really think the guy who portrayed Ben would be perfect to portray yagami light for that rumored death note american movie!!!

I just hope they wont butcher death note!

and I was able to read this week's OP chapter~
awesome!!! Law is amazing and cool!!!!

gotta sleep now!
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Finally my package arrived!!! I bought the long awaited Color Walk 4 by the ever genius that is Oda Eiichiro! I'm soo happy to get hold of this artbook especially since it contains waterseven- enneis lobby color spreads! I can't wait for the 5th Color Walk now!!!

the art were really awesome and full of perspectives!!!

this is one of my favourites! coz of the details! I really fell in love with this work when this came out with I dunno what chapter it was

and I also love this coz CP9 is HEEEERE!!!! they are such a kick-ass group!!!


and this is one of my favourite storylines in the arc! Robin's Past! the saddest mugiwara past story evahhhh!!!! T^T

mmm I wanna watch this Gundam 00 Movie really soon!!! but that would probably be next year...and setsuna is looking cool! nice art @_@

hahahaha seiyuus!!! all of the meisters' seiyuus are amazing! I wanna get their autographs someday!

awww the young shinra! and celty the headless woman! which reminds me I should make a fanart of him!

and I wanna watch this anime! I mentioned this in the previos journal! yeah it really seems interesting! I wanna work as an illustrator for these things!!! >.<

this one.. I'm still very doubtful... I dont mind bishies but i really mind a beautiful line up of seiyuus but it might not have a good story...

and can't believe kuroshitsuji won't have a sebastian ciel no more! havent seen or read the series but i really wanna try though!

and the 300th issue has this special booklet with stuff about anime through the years.. and my favourite part! an artwork by the amazing Itou Yoshiyuki, animator in BONES! drawing BONES CHARACTERS! the one in my webcam!!!
It's all thanks to Darker than Black that I started to appreciate BONES!

and yesssss they had to include tobimaru!!! one of the best animated movies! sword of the stranger!!!!

Oh and my DA premium membership will end tomorrow!
oh well good bye premium membership!

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I'm looking forward to the following spring animu.. even though I know I'll be having a hard time watching these shows coz of my coming internship >.<

senkou no nightraid

it looks interesting and has nice art and animation!And 2 great seiyuus are in it namely Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki!
Hero Man

BONES + Stan Lee. I'm just a BONES fan and i love their works lately! ^^

and will happily continue these 2:
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


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