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Last Week, July 8, 2017, I attended Arashi's WWG! It was my first time to attend it! I remember telling myself last year that I hope I can watch it the following year.. I just wanted to experience a WWG once in my life as an Arashi fan!!!

I was lucky that the Tokyo leg was scheduled on July month! I initially planned for a Japan trip in July because of shinobi no kuni, and having WWG in the same month, made my planned trip even more exciting!!!

I tried to ballot with some friends I knew in twitter... sadly we were all so unlucky even during the reballot period!!

But I recently met a friend, sacchan (or csaca in LJ) and she asked me if I wanted to join with her buying WWG tickets. I automatically said YES!!!

As the days grow near, I made a group chat in LINE for WWG 2017 tokyo goers, and it was fun to interact with them!

Experience with Lining up for goods:
The day before first WWG show, was the start of WWG goods pre -selling, at 10 am
I met up with 2 friends, risa and sacchan at 8:30 am in the venue. We initially planned on 7am but changed it to around 8am hehehe because we aren't hard core fans who would line up super early! And true there was arleady a lengthy line before us! Surprisingly the sky was gloomy and eventually started drizzling. Everyone took out their umbrellas! The staff noticed the situation and so they started opening the goods stall earlier than usual so we had a line moving as early as 9 am! I bought several goods ahead for friends. As for me I only bought shoe bag, group clear file and the umbrella. Amazingly, we finished buying goods even before 10am! How cool is that!!!

The Day of WWG:

Before I went to DOME in the afternoon, I actually hanged out with my close friend Rina. We went to Roppongi to watch Shinobi no Kuni, walked to Tokyo Tower after and ate lunch there, Went to Tokyo Station to visit Rilakkuma store to buy Rilakkuma idol plushies (which actually sold so quickly!!) Then we went to Tokyo Dome. I ate some Gindaco Takoyaki with Rina before heading up to the meet up point that our friends set up!

The sun was scorching and we were really dying because of the heat!!! So after meeting up, we headed to our respective gate entrances and went inside the DOME.

A pic from gate 22. I was in Gate 40 again!

I am back inside Tokyo Dome to see Arashi again!! It was wondefful!!!

Then at exactly 5pm, Arashi WWG started! OMG The whole show was sooooooo funny!!!! I kept laughing!!! and smiling!!!! I kept on spotting for ohmiya moments!!! I won't dwell on details because this is not really a report! But the main point was, I realized how much I could enjoy watching WWG! If we are in awe during a concert, then in WWG we kept on laughing!! like we are really watching a live taping of an Arashi variety show!!

The show ended in around 2.5 hours.. Me and my meet up group of friends had a photo taken together. They went out to eat in the shinobi no kuni soba place. But I headed back to the apartment that I stayed since I was quite beat after a loooong day of outing ^^

I had a wonderful and memorable experience with WWG! Seeing Arashi again this year was also what made it meaningful!

Now that a concert has been announced, I will just pray and hope that my work schedule will not be in the way for the December dates in Tokyo. I hope I can hit again this year, and watch Arashi once more before the year ends!

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It's been sometime again since my last entry.Part of which was because of my recent transfer to DW
though I still constantly check here at LJ
The May month passed by quickly again, and it was quite a busy month in terms of work
and because of that, I got sick yesterday. Had fever and sore throat

but today I feel much better now. I think I can work tomorrow.

also on a sad note, Me and my friends weren't able to hit at all for wakuwaku gakkou for tokyo dome. It's sad but I'll still fly to Japan for my well deserved short vacation. I look forward to watching shinobi no kuni in Japan Cinemas!!
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Hello again! I got busy in the past few days, plus something went wrong with our PC and it needs fixing!
So I am using a mobile device to post this entry..

The month passed by quickly and of course before the month ended, Arashi once again surprised fans with an announcement yesterday for their upcoming wakuwaku event once again. This coming June and July and they will have Sexy Zone as their students!

I was planning for a trip for July, and was having the intention of booking on the last week, but after hearing the news, I decided to change my tentative plan of last week into first week of july so that I can have a chance to watch the event!

How I wish I could attend the day of nino's bday but osaka wasn't in my expenses yet, so I will try my luck in Tokyo!

I hope I can hit and I also hope I can meet some arashi fans on the day of the event!!
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The happiest news I ever had since passing medical board exam! Receiving an email telling me that I won Concert tickets to arashi's live tour 2016-2017 ARE YOU HAPPY?

Hell yes I am happy now!!

I feel so high and excited that I wasn't able to study tonight! Prayers answered and grateful to the people who helped me along the way!!

I never considered myself lucky but now I could say today I was lucky!

Balloted 4 tickets for Tokyo dome concert on November 20- and won!

Arashi boys, I see you soon!!!

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I suddenly had this bad imagination minutes ago..
Because of work, I haven't got the chance to draw or even doodle, not even a stick man. Realizing such, I somehow got worried that I would suddenly lose my drawing skill.

So i dropped everything and got my sketchbook and did random sketches.. It felt rough but I was happy I could still make a decent art.

Thank goodness I can still draw ikemen!
Mar. 21st, 2010 01:51 am

chibi me

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just felt like making a quick chibi version of myself with my med uniform holding an intuos3 penmouse ^^


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