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Finally finished this work.. I've been working really slow lately coz it's really hot now in the Philippines! El Nino is entering the country and the sun's heat is piercing hot!! i feel like I've been cooked! X_X

anyways about the drawing. I just thought of a random story about a popular rockband vs a new popular boyband. And the guitarist (the guy above) really takes the competition seriously hehehe! His family name is Matsumoto and he is nicknamed Matsu ^_^

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I feel glad that i can do artworks once again! XD

This drawing was part of my sketches that i piled somewhere in my room waiting to be colored but school is always on the way so I couldn't do anything >.<

these 2 are once again OCs from my really ancient pirate story. these two are chinese brothers. the younger one is gonna join a pirate group. These 2 brothers are part of an acrobatic circus team in China. ^^
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it's another entry where i feel like posting artworks! ^^ hehehe

these bunch are characters i made when i was in first year college (like 7 years ago) during our Filipino Week Culminating Celebration. It's usually called "Linggo ng Wika" but in our university is was called "Araw ng Lahi"

While watching the presentations, it just felt fun to look at ethnic filipino costumes and barrio fiesta style looks ^_^ so i felt like drawing filipino people.

I don't know if i have older sketches of these bunch..they're probably buried in one of my cabinets hehe

anyways i was able to draw chibi versions last last year, and a more recent one last year :)
here's the chibi version:

I don't have proper names for all of them but the first one with the hat i call him Bolo Boy (Farming is one of the major livelihoods in Philippines) A bolo is like a big knife farmers usually use when they harvest their crops in the fields.

the next one holding garrotes is Arnis Boy.. coz Arnis is a martial arts originating in the Philippines.. specifically in Cebu (Weee where I am from!). I studied arnis and I'm just a green belter.. the training is tough! D:

the third one is Saranggola girl XD she's the one i like to draw more often. coz one of the pastimes of little kids is flying giant kites (saranggola) i think there's a yearly event in April where we fly kites of assorted designs and shapes etc etc! and what saranggola girl is wearing is actually based on an ifugao attire i had in one of our field demos during elementary school! XD

the 4th one is the Dancer Girl. She has a Mindanao look with the black er how do you call that (i forgot!) plus the malong at the bottome. it's a common costume for filipino ethnic dances :D

and the last one is takyan boy! yes he's playing takyan..the little thing there near his foot! another filipino game.

and here they are in non chibi form! XD

hehe it seemed like i ranted a little about Filipino culture stuff!
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Just wanna post this here. I didn't uploaded this one in DA
this was the first copic work i did..basically i was just trying it out and see how it feels using copic markers. they're really good! :D
It's also an experimentation on the right colors to use for skin and hair and eyes etc etc. i also realized what colors to use for my OCs and what colors not to use! XD

these 3 are random OCs L-R: amara corsow, bolo boy, garderner


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