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finally my junior clerkship's 10 hour duty has ended!
and of all the ways to end it! we were soooo busy that we didn't have any sleep up to 6am in the morning! and we're suppose to be OB.. OB junior clerkship is suppose to be relaxing and all! >.< oh well that's life! I feel sooo tired right now and i still have to study for my exam on monday D: damn another cardio exam!

and I was able to read chapter 573 of one piece... noooo it's cliffhanger! I wanna know what will happen! will it be happy? or sad? IDK! ODA sensei what are you up too?! >.< Ace's life is in the line again!

and i felt like drawing a sad crying luffy...coz luffy doesn't really show this much of an expression. he gets pissed off if anybody hurts his nakama or those who are close to him!

Ace please live! if it's Oda's will that you die then so be it T_____T *cries!*
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I haven't posted this drawing here yet!
But anyways I'll just post it. Since I've been a moderate fangirl of the D brothers lately, especially with the ongoing storyline right now, I drew a chibi or childish version of the 2 brothers together! I just love these 2 brothers together! I love their brotherly love relationship! XDDDDD aaahhh one piece!


D. 兄弟 あんたたちは本当可愛いですね!!!XD

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I was able to read One Piece Chapter 572! and wow!
as expected another great chapter with more action! XD
I just felt like drawing once again these 2 brothers!
a really quick sketch of Luffy and Ace 8DI really like these too sooo much!!!! Brotherly Love!



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