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I suddenly had this bad imagination minutes ago..
Because of work, I haven't got the chance to draw or even doodle, not even a stick man. Realizing such, I somehow got worried that I would suddenly lose my drawing skill.

So i dropped everything and got my sketchbook and did random sketches.. It felt rough but I was happy I could still make a decent art.

Thank goodness I can still draw ikemen!
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It's been ages since my last post!
Anyway after the release of the japonism album, I have been inspired to create lots of new characters based on arashi members and japonism tracks and stories based from the theme!

For now the inked works:

Ohno bases chara

Sho based chara

Top less Ohno chara in starry night. My hand is in the way!

Draft inking head shot of sho chara

Complete inking and toning for the head shot of sho chara

This one was based from Ohno's akatsuki song.

Wip of Ohno chara

Sho chara with kasa. After seeing con papa pics I just had to make a drawing with kasa

This one is random but will be added to characters.

Supposedly from top to bottom: sho chara, Ohno chara, Nino chara


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