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It's been a while since I made such a huge group pic in chibi form! And I haven't been drawing lately so I feel quite rusty!! 

But anyway it was a fun process !

Happy 5x18 to my Arashian friends!
Hope these guys continue to make us laugh, cry for joy and for sadness due to empty wallets!
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Another fanart which I drew recently! After watching Arashi AYH? Documentary ^__^

the famous muji head band nino wore which got fans buying the item in muji stores!

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Posting Nino Fanart, in relation to Nino's Bday today!!

gaming nino, drawn using ipad. This is my profile pic in use ^__^

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This is a late post...
I drew this one back in April.
May was a busy month as I mentioned in my previous post so I was only able to make more posts when June started

I drew a fanart based on the magazine scans of arashi that showed half of their face, as if they were peeping hehehe

here is the sketch:

inking process:

and the finished piece!

I wanted it to have a manga feel!

oh and here is the original images which i also turned into a collage!

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Posting a year old artwork here.
This is one of my favourite nino fanarts. Last year, Fukkatsu Love single was released, and it was one of my favourite PVs of Arashi in a loong time!

I drew this because of inspiration from the PV and shop photos
I drew Nino and Sho, but I only finished Nino (I'm so sorry sho... you're still WIP)

Pencil Sketch....

Line art done using Copic Multiliner Blue Color Ink

Skin and Hair Coloring. I wanted to use blue hues and gradiation with pinks for this piece

Did the clothes.. still using Blue and Pink gradiation

Violet Copic Colors for my BG

Finishing touches with white ink for highlights and to make my art not look too flat. I forgot to put nino's mole (forgive me again)

Here is the shop photo which I used for my reference!
I didn't really copy exactly the colors though.. Since I was limited with my copic marker colors on hand, I kinda modified the colors for this.

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As the subject says,

Drew Nino last night coz I felt like drawing something, even thought this was a very quick art ^__^
felt happy to have a little drawing time!

done using copic markers :D

if you follow me at twitter, you can see my work in progress for this piece (sketch + line art)

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Feeling a little productive! I drew aiba masaki with the hairstyle I like of his the best!

this is based from this post in twitter:https://twitter.com/aibaojou_/status/844494099218554880

I picked no.4 :D

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Before the month ends, will post a fanart I drew of sho! Shows his look from troublemaker PV, my most favourite Arashi PV of all!! And yes sho kun had his birthday a few days ago!

My workspace is slightly messy.. used copic markers on this one :)

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While watching Kouhaku last night, I made a fanart of aiba Chan in kouhaku mode! I actually had fun with him as an MC! He was himself but was able to deliver a formal and entertaining performance as shirogumi MC!

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I was watching a bunch of arashi PVs from the early ones to the latest. And during truth, i found ohno really cool in the pv so i drew him!

HBD riida!!

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I started watching 99.9 KSB, the new drama of Matsujun!
It was an interesting first episode so I made a fanart of Miyama, matsujun's character!
no title
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Now that Ohno satoshi is back with an interesting drama, time to do some fanarts!

This one is quick! Samejima Reiji, with the (?)motto "Target, Full Speed, Two Months"

Copic Markers in moleskin sketchbook
Art by me, CC
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It's been ages since my last post!
Anyway after the release of the japonism album, I have been inspired to create lots of new characters based on arashi members and japonism tracks and stories based from the theme!

For now the inked works:

Ohno bases chara

Sho based chara

Top less Ohno chara in starry night. My hand is in the way!

Draft inking head shot of sho chara

Complete inking and toning for the head shot of sho chara

This one was based from Ohno's akatsuki song.

Wip of Ohno chara

Sho chara with kasa. After seeing con papa pics I just had to make a drawing with kasa

This one is random but will be added to characters.

Supposedly from top to bottom: sho chara, Ohno chara, Nino chara
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paradox inspired fanarts. only got to make sho, nino and aiba.. resting my fingers.
all drawn using ipad, sketch book pro app, and my beloved fingers as my stylus <3


I know you lied...

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yoiko no mikata final

after my marathon of the drama, i did a fanart of sho kun as his character, taiyou sensei the male preschool teachr
the kid there must be kenta kun! :)
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kaibutsu lazy final
appy ohday! fanart of kaibutsu kun~ tanjoobi saikou!
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yesterday while strolling in the mall, i saw a gray parka in one of the clothes shop! of course the first person that popped into my head was this person:

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chibi inked neener playing games! >D

nino black and white sample
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this is for my upcoming commissions. sample art XD with Kuroko!!

kuroko head shot
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finally i passed the national physician licensure exam! i am a happy doctor now!!! time to make some art while i can!!! lol too lazy to resize! here is shimao kun since i'm currently watching natsuyuki!!



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