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chibi izaya done 2 yrs ago using markers

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Title: shizaya fighting
Author/Artist: CC ann   
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Shizaya
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Chibi art of shizaya fighting

We all want to keep bukuro clean but with shizuo and izaya, it's always a mess ^^; LOLZ
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Title: Izaya Keep Out
Author/Artist: CCann
Character (s) or Pairing (s): Orihara Izaya
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: fanart of Izaya.. I felt like drawing him and I realized how fun it is to draw him! 8D
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Title: izaya stomping cellphone
Author/Artist: CCann
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Izaya Orihara
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: just watch izaya as he stomps a girl's cellphone ^_^

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gonna randomly post stuff again! starting off with drawings!

I found this sketch while i was browsing some old sketches from last year and I just had the feeling to color this one in the computer! these are my OCs the boredom breakers XD the guys are like waiters for the day hehehe!

and this is another marker work showing matsumoto of the rock band story I have and the center guy of their rival JPOP artist which is a boy band! i got tired of the BG! D:

And I finally saw Durarara!! 11! It was interesting and fun and all!!! and the best part was the cameos of our Baccano heroes: Isaac and Milia! their trademark conversation was the best and especially when Milia says Sugoi that echoes!!! XD I love Onosaka Masaya's comical voice as well!! 

you guys...


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fanart of izaya ^^ i made a few weeks ago...

i tried out a cheap dong-a pen that is brown color...and tried to color with copic markers!
amazing that the inks don't smudge off! it's like i can just buy these pens which are like P20 compared to those special alcohol proof pens that would cost around P60!!! I can save a lot!!! XDD

Drrr is really interesting!
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coz of shizuo's story..
poor guy he hates violence but he's like an epitome of violence in ikebukoro coz of his superhuman strength!

its nice that he and his brothers are close :'D makes me wanna cry!
and yey more shinra appearances ^_^ hehehe

and i was shocked to see more anime cameos! especially DTB! XD LOL
hehehe glad to see Baccano and DTB!
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Title: say DRRR!!!
Author/ Artist: CC
Characters: Mikado and Kida
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: just an artwork showing their friendship :3

I felt like drawing these 2 ! hehehe I like their friendship.. really cute!
say DRRR!!

DA link: CCann.deviantart.com/art/say-drrrr-154784449viantart.com/art/say-drrrr-154784449
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Title: Drrr you next time!!
Author/ Artist: ccann.deviantart.com
Character (s) or Pairing (s): Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo
Rating: General
Warnings: None :)

I watched episode 6 yesterday! it was really fun! then the preview of the next episode came in! and whoa! it seems really interesting!
shizuo chan's story!!! i was excited so i made a fanart of the 2... can't wait to see episode 7!!! ENJOY!

DA link: ccann.deviantart.com/art/drrr-you-next-time-154770649

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I drew this one last night!
chibi of DRRR's izaya orihara! he's a wicked cool character! XD
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Just a quick marker work I made a few nights ago..well I was really tired last night but i also really wanted to draw badly >.< so this is all i could do... He's Kida Masaomi of the anime Durarara!! I wanted to draw Mikado with him but I was just too tired >.<
Do you guys watch Durarara?? :D
I used promarkers on this one ^^


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