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Before the month ends, will post a fanart I drew of sho! Shows his look from troublemaker PV, my most favourite Arashi PV of all!! And yes sho kun had his birthday a few days ago!

My workspace is slightly messy.. used copic markers on this one :)

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I was watching a bunch of arashi PVs from the early ones to the latest. And during truth, i found ohno really cool in the pv so i drew him!

HBD riida!!

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What is love? Love is Ohmiya!!
Happy V day! with lots of boys love!
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I suddenly had this bad imagination minutes ago..
Because of work, I haven't got the chance to draw or even doodle, not even a stick man. Realizing such, I somehow got worried that I would suddenly lose my drawing skill.

So i dropped everything and got my sketchbook and did random sketches.. It felt rough but I was happy I could still make a decent art.

Thank goodness I can still draw ikemen!
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that scene at the last part of the episode where noriko gets a kiss on the head ~<3

yukan club noriko yuya
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yesterday while strolling in the mall, i saw a gray parka in one of the clothes shop! of course the first person that popped into my head was this person:


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