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Hi!! It's been slightly more than a week since the release of the AYH concert BD/DVD

This was the first Arashi concert I watched, so I have so much feels for this! After watching the concert, it made me realize that it really was a wonderful concert that stayed true to their theme!

Are You Happy?

The intro video wasn't just any opening video that they always show. It was backstage footage during their preparation phase for the concert!! There were so much OTP/member ai moments, the member solos were amazing, how they delivered their performances were stunning!
Even if they had a really simple stage background of multiple square screens, the visuals were totally wonderful! I can still remember how amazed and in awe I was when sho's solo started and the very dull stage BG suddenly transformed into a HUGE HOUSE!

Arashi vocals have really changed throughout the years, like if you listen to a song released in 2005 and listen to a song released this year, you can tell their voices improved! Or is this the effect of maturity? hahaha! You get blown away by Arashi's ballad that everyone was looking forward too, Miles Away. Finally Arashi harmonizing! If they make ballads all like that, I will die happy everytime they release something!

Their concert DVD/BD also achieved the highest 1st week sales since Arafes release! Congratulations!

I'll end up my feels trip here for this concert! Truly was Happy! ;) Arashi fans should watch it!
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Yesterday the announcement that fans have been waiting for has happened!

The Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 ARE YOU HAPPY? concert DVD/BD release date is on May 31, 2017

That is not too far away from now!!!

After one day of refreshing yesasia for PO links to appear, finally I was able to place my preorder on the Limited version, Blu Ray AYH concert!!!

I haven't placed an order on the RE because I plan to buy it when I visit Japan later this year.

My wallet is ready to shed off money. JE knows how to do market strategy indeed!!

Bundling the Japonism Arena Show with the LE... though I already had this feeling since last year that the arena would possibly be released in DVD but bundled to one concert DVD...

I know fans are excited, and I am also aware fans are in despair with the financial crisis..

This was my first Arashi concert, and I NEED to get my hands on that LE! Can't wait for it to arrive!!
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When 2016 started, I set a theme for it, and it was "Arashiful" which meant as what it literally means! Lots of Arashi! With that, last year, I became n FC member with the help and advices from lots of friends.

Tried my luck on the concert balloting tour, hit a ticket, flew to Japan for a second time last year, watched my very first live Arashi concert, and had a wonderful fangirling time!

This was what I was most thankful of for 2016!

This year, 2017... Will be もっと嵐フル!!!

More Arashi-ful! Hope to have more chances for Arashi-ful adventures this year!

今年の嵐フルテーマは大成功です❗️来年も,もっとアラシフルになりO ます!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I would be watching the November 20 schedule at Tokyo Dome.

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The happiest news I ever had since passing medical board exam! Receiving an email telling me that I won Concert tickets to arashi's live tour 2016-2017 ARE YOU HAPPY?

Hell yes I am happy now!!

I feel so high and excited that I wasn't able to study tonight! Prayers answered and grateful to the people who helped me along the way!!

I never considered myself lucky but now I could say today I was lucky!

Balloted 4 tickets for Tokyo dome concert on November 20- and won!

Arashi boys, I see you soon!!!


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