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inspired from looking at newtype anime artworks! drew this one recently with amara and sae, and at the background are 2 of the most intelligent scientists.. Amara's brother (right) and the other guy has no name yet but I'm gonna make him evil hahaha!

as you enter the new world you're into a lot of surprises!
Boredom Breakers are my OC created out of Boredom most of the time!and this year they're turning 7 years now! @_@

I'm gonna make 6 more artworks for boredom breakers
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I am rejoicing for being able to buy a blue pencil just RECENTLY!
stupid me for not buying one Years Ago! >.<

anyways I was taking a break from studying and had fun drawing amara's big brother with the blue pencil and pverlapping it with a mechanical pencil after and removing the blues in Photoshop! It's been a while since I've done that XD

This is the first time I properly drew him in his present age! hehehehe him wearing glasses coz he's like a scientist and he's probably around 21 years old so 5 years older than Amara!! :D hrhrhrhrh!

weeee I love you blue pencil! XD

now off to study!

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This is one of my favourite works of 2009. A poster of my OCs well known as boredom breakers. It was for a calendar art design for november. I feel like showing you a bit of the process of this work :)

here we have the sketch!

Such a mess! I do messy sketches a lot!hehehe
LOL the glasses scribbles on their faces are just a random thing i did.. I omitted that during the final linearting! let's see how else it differs from the final pic!

I colored it cell shading style coz i love the feeling of making my art seem like it's a real anime show XD fantasizing! I didnt draw shuuou's hand now...just plain clothing ^^

and after wards I wanted it to have a dark warm mood in it so I decided to superimpose soft shading over the cell shaded work. I gave it a red tinge even if they seem to wear autumn/winter attire.

and so the final pic ^_^ Left to Right we have: amara->kunai->craig->shuuou ^_^
hope you enjoyed watching the process!
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This is still a WIP sketch.....

I was gonna marker this one right away but i failed to realize that I was sketching in the wrong side of the paper! D: No wonder everytime i try to erase the pencil lines it leaves a lot of marks and this wasn't suppose to happen in the marker paper..so I realized that I should avoid drawing on the wrong side of the marker paper.. I'm still gonna photocopy this then add colors thereafter. >.<

these are characters made out of boredom. Amara Corsow is the military girl there. and the other characters were made up by me and the story of carton city where amara encounters the little kid, his secret older brother who is actually a hypnotist and the little kid's caretaker, are all made by me and my younger sister ^^ hehehe
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amara corsow and anthony corsow
this is the unedited unsoft shaded pic of my artwork on Corsow Family Picture in DA: ccann.deviantart.com/art/corsow-family-picture-148028831
They're part of my boredom breakers characters.
brief info about the artwork: <copied from my DA>

Something i drew last christmas eve. I've always wanted to draw another image of amara and her brother when they were young..or around 5 years from their current ages now. amara is 11 and still doesnt have that bandage in her left cheek and her brother is 16. both parents are already dead. Her brother is in military school and is also a genius.. something happened that caused the brother to leave their hometown because of what amara did. Amara could not forgive herself and she promises to bring his brother back. . . and 5 years later the story starts.

LOL like i have a story but yeah that idea was out of boredom! hahahaa



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