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Feeling a little productive! I drew aiba masaki with the hairstyle I like of his the best!

this is based from this post in twitter:https://twitter.com/aibaojou_/status/844494099218554880

I picked no.4 :D

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Before the month ends, will post a fanart I drew of sho! Shows his look from troublemaker PV, my most favourite Arashi PV of all!! And yes sho kun had his birthday a few days ago!

My workspace is slightly messy.. used copic markers on this one :)

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I was watching a bunch of arashi PVs from the early ones to the latest. And during truth, i found ohno really cool in the pv so i drew him!

HBD riida!!

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Now that Ohno satoshi is back with an interesting drama, time to do some fanarts!

This one is quick! Samejima Reiji, with the (?)motto "Target, Full Speed, Two Months"

Copic Markers in moleskin sketchbook
Art by me, CC
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What is love? Love is Ohmiya!!
Happy V day! with lots of boys love!
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paradox inspired fanarts. only got to make sho, nino and aiba.. resting my fingers.
all drawn using ipad, sketch book pro app, and my beloved fingers as my stylus <3


I know you lied...

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dumping some of my recent commission works. the weather is cold right now! love it!!
lmousy avi final
killian final copy
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its been a while since i did "naning" art :O
auction art for koi
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made a bunch of line arts :D

nostalgic highschool line art sample 
chibi lazy asuka lineart 
headshot bishie sample smaller
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kinda late for a vday art... but anyway i still made one!
once again another art of my OC asuka :)

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chibi magician nino!!

chibi fisherman ohno!!

I'm glad i finally got to make these artworks!! XD its been a long time since i did digital!
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my OCs that i created like 10yrs ago.. havent drawn these guys in a long time!

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chibi izaya done 2 yrs ago using markers

Feb. 21st, 2012 11:02 pm

Lazy Asuka

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Fanarts of my OC turned gaia avatar called Lazy Asuka! just wanna dump them here since it's been a
really long time since i dumped stuff in my LJ!!

first is chibi lazy asuka:
next is serious headshot asuka!
and now it's half body asuka!
and i just wanna put this really old cheaply done art of asuka looking all lazy!! hehe
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Just wanna post this here. I didn't uploaded this one in DA
this was the first copic work i did..basically i was just trying it out and see how it feels using copic markers. they're really good! :D
It's also an experimentation on the right colors to use for skin and hair and eyes etc etc. i also realized what colors to use for my OCs and what colors not to use! XD

these 3 are random OCs L-R: amara corsow, bolo boy, garderner
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心配しないで 利奈ちゃん

a fast doodle art for my half filipino half japanese friend for 13 years :iconrinayunho: who is a BIG yunho fan :) may you meet him someday
happy birthday to yunho!

and now the bigger questions:
"and what am i suppose to be doing right now?"
answer: studying

..and so my exam results are already determined! D:
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this is probably my first copic art piece. she's somehow an OC of mine together with other bunch of OCs whose designs are based on prehispanic Philippines...so basically the ethnic native costumes of the Philippines :)

this one I just call her saranggola girl
saranggola is tagalog for giant kite :)
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I just wanna post these here! I tried 2 style memes using 2 of my OCs
the first one is Asuka
and the next one is Amara Corsow

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In our medschool, we have this yearly event every first week of december called "student's night" basically it's a costume party based on the theme. and our theme was "NO DOCTORS ALLOWED" which means we go dress up in different kinds of occupations other than being a doctor! :)

I just kept mine simple and went as an artist/illustrator. I even made a drawing as part of my props..which is actually a drawing of myself and what i really wore.

and later i made a chibi version of it and used if for my facebook primary photo :D
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Just a quick marker work I made a few nights ago..well I was really tired last night but i also really wanted to draw badly >.< so this is all i could do... He's Kida Masaomi of the anime Durarara!! I wanted to draw Mikado with him but I was just too tired >.<
Do you guys watch Durarara?? :D
I used promarkers on this one ^^


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