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Feeling a little productive! I drew aiba masaki with the hairstyle I like of his the best!

this is based from this post in twitter:https://twitter.com/aibaojou_/status/844494099218554880

I picked no.4 :D

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Before the month ends, will post a fanart I drew of sho! Shows his look from troublemaker PV, my most favourite Arashi PV of all!! And yes sho kun had his birthday a few days ago!

My workspace is slightly messy.. used copic markers on this one :)

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I was watching a bunch of arashi PVs from the early ones to the latest. And during truth, i found ohno really cool in the pv so i drew him!

HBD riida!!

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Now that Ohno satoshi is back with an interesting drama, time to do some fanarts!

This one is quick! Samejima Reiji, with the (?)motto "Target, Full Speed, Two Months"

Copic Markers in moleskin sketchbook
Art by me, CC
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What is love? Love is Ohmiya!!
Happy V day! with lots of boys love!
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I suddenly had this bad imagination minutes ago..
Because of work, I haven't got the chance to draw or even doodle, not even a stick man. Realizing such, I somehow got worried that I would suddenly lose my drawing skill.

So i dropped everything and got my sketchbook and did random sketches.. It felt rough but I was happy I could still make a decent art.

Thank goodness I can still draw ikemen!
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completed round 1 of my gaia chibi sketches! :D
gaia chibi sketch round 1
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that scene at the last part of the episode where noriko gets a kiss on the head ~<3

yukan club noriko yuya
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chibi inked neener playing games! >D

nino black and white sample
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finally i passed the national physician licensure exam! i am a happy doctor now!!! time to make some art while i can!!! lol too lazy to resize! here is shimao kun since i'm currently watching natsuyuki!!

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this idea just randomly came into my head while listening to Girugamesh's song suiren... which is my favourite song by the band and i drew matsumoto with a crappily drawn waterlily at the back plus crappily written kanji characters of suiren. I really have bad chinese character penmanship D:

he's supposed to be handcuffed but apparently my scanner couldn't scan the entire page D:
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gonna randomly post stuff again! starting off with drawings!

I found this sketch while i was browsing some old sketches from last year and I just had the feeling to color this one in the computer! these are my OCs the boredom breakers XD the guys are like waiters for the day hehehe!

and this is another marker work showing matsumoto of the rock band story I have and the center guy of their rival JPOP artist which is a boy band! i got tired of the BG! D:

And I finally saw Durarara!! 11! It was interesting and fun and all!!! and the best part was the cameos of our Baccano heroes: Isaac and Milia! their trademark conversation was the best and especially when Milia says Sugoi that echoes!!! XD I love Onosaka Masaya's comical voice as well!! 

you guys...


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let's compose songs! hehehe
I got lazy in almost everything up there..line work to BG! and worked really slow..plus I've got lots of black smudges around the drawing!!! and I think I misplaced my brown pen somewhere while i was moving around >.<

drew the rock band members in a way that they look like they're composing a new song!
I think it's about time I design the boy band group
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inspired from looking at newtype anime artworks! drew this one recently with amara and sae, and at the background are 2 of the most intelligent scientists.. Amara's brother (right) and the other guy has no name yet but I'm gonna make him evil hahaha!

as you enter the new world you're into a lot of surprises!
Boredom Breakers are my OC created out of Boredom most of the time!and this year they're turning 7 years now! @_@

I'm gonna make 6 more artworks for boredom breakers
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Finally my package arrived!!! I bought the long awaited Color Walk 4 by the ever genius that is Oda Eiichiro! I'm soo happy to get hold of this artbook especially since it contains waterseven- enneis lobby color spreads! I can't wait for the 5th Color Walk now!!!

the art were really awesome and full of perspectives!!!

this is one of my favourites! coz of the details! I really fell in love with this work when this came out with I dunno what chapter it was

and I also love this coz CP9 is HEEEERE!!!! they are such a kick-ass group!!!


and this is one of my favourite storylines in the arc! Robin's Past! the saddest mugiwara past story evahhhh!!!! T^T

mmm I wanna watch this Gundam 00 Movie really soon!!! but that would probably be next year...and setsuna is looking cool! nice art @_@

hahahaha seiyuus!!! all of the meisters' seiyuus are amazing! I wanna get their autographs someday!

awww the young shinra! and celty the headless woman! which reminds me I should make a fanart of him!

and I wanna watch this anime! I mentioned this in the previos journal! yeah it really seems interesting! I wanna work as an illustrator for these things!!! >.<

this one.. I'm still very doubtful... I dont mind bishies but i really mind a beautiful line up of seiyuus but it might not have a good story...

and can't believe kuroshitsuji won't have a sebastian ciel no more! havent seen or read the series but i really wanna try though!

and the 300th issue has this special booklet with stuff about anime through the years.. and my favourite part! an artwork by the amazing Itou Yoshiyuki, animator in BONES! drawing BONES CHARACTERS! the one in my webcam!!!
It's all thanks to Darker than Black that I started to appreciate BONES!

and yesssss they had to include tobimaru!!! one of the best animated movies! sword of the stranger!!!!

Oh and my DA premium membership will end tomorrow!
oh well good bye premium membership!

Mar. 14th, 2010 08:43 pm


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still marker work coz I've been having less drive to do digital works lately.. probably coz I kept on going out the whole week even if i didn't want too D: stupid school!!

anyway I've always wanted to make these kinds of art similar to color spreads in One Piece.. these are my araw ng lahi characters playing sungka, a Filipino game. ^^
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Finally finished this work.. I've been working really slow lately coz it's really hot now in the Philippines! El Nino is entering the country and the sun's heat is piercing hot!! i feel like I've been cooked! X_X

anyways about the drawing. I just thought of a random story about a popular rockband vs a new popular boyband. And the guitarist (the guy above) really takes the competition seriously hehehe! His family name is Matsumoto and he is nicknamed Matsu ^_^

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finally finished the looong overdue promise for a spiritual friend of mine :iconrinayunho: who asked for a drawing of her and yunho making the connect heart hand thingy i don't know how it is called...

it seems like she cant get her eyes off it... please lin, don't stare too much at it
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I feel glad that i can do artworks once again! XD

This drawing was part of my sketches that i piled somewhere in my room waiting to be colored but school is always on the way so I couldn't do anything >.<

these 2 are once again OCs from my really ancient pirate story. these two are chinese brothers. the younger one is gonna join a pirate group. These 2 brothers are part of an acrobatic circus team in China. ^^


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