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Last March 30,2016, I watched the second part of the Assassination Classroom live action movie in Japan Theaters! Happiness level up!

As a fan of the anime series, my excitement can't be contained. Especially when the announcement of the road show happened 1 hour after i booked my march japan trip last december!! I had the chance to watch the movie in theaters!

Honestly the first movie seemed a bit complicated but enough for non anime watchers to understand the gist of the plot. Well, i think the first movie covered a lot of arcs from the first season.. So it felt so rushed and compressed

However, after watching the second movie, I think the staff avooided the forecully compilation of arcs method but instead picked out some arcs from the manga which, if compiled together, would not confuse the haven't-seen-the-anime viewers. There were actually some scenes that came from the first arc which were inserted in the later story arcs, but they seem to blend well. This was a good thing that the staff did to improve in the second movie. What I liked about the movie was they followed true to the manga towards the end. Although the final boss fight was a bit anticlimatic..

As for the main characters, I applaud for yamada for doing an impressive take on the (supposedly sky blue haired) shota and lead character! I believe he will be a great actor. He has the actor eyes like nino!

Korosensei will always be fun and cute whether it be manga, anime, or movie! Nino's voice acting is still wonderful as ever, and his portrayal as shinigami was awesome! I thank him for making my favourite arc of the series come to life with justice and full of feels!

Now that manga has been completed and the movie has been screened, all that's left for me is to watch the remaining episodes of the second season of the anime as it slowly approaches the final arcs.

The movie was overall enjoyable. It is up to you to like it or not like it! Nuff said! Nurufufufufu~

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Since the second live movie is fast approaching I looked back at some of my old photos from last year's Tokyo trip where I entered Fuji TV station to see the display of props and goods from the ansatsu kyoshitsu movie. As a fan of the series, this was something I really looked forward to.

There was a poster display, and in the glass case were the actual scripts, weapons and the photo album seen in the movie . The costume of akabane was also there but I wasn't able to take a shot.

Looking forward to the second live movie since it covers the interesting past arc!

Oh and this was a purikura with an ansatsu kyoshitsu theme! I took a photo but I kept it somewhere in my room. For souvenir!

Ps it has been a long time since I updated and there are still so many things I want to post but no time.. I'll try to post more someday!


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