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happy to have finally joined another con after many years of missing these events d/t med school! glad to meet new freinds, doing toy exhibits, drawing, and unleashing the suppressed otaku in me! sadly no decent cam so i am stuck with sucky phone pics DX

will post a few pics only :)

toy exhibit with nendoroids and pullip by me and my sister


my very own and only nendoroid, mashiro kun of Bakuman

the handsome BJD doll of my sister 

close up of mr. handsome :D

my quick sailor jupiter art made on the spot, secured with jessica ouano's autograph!!

sailor jupiter chibi

and my gift to jessica ouano.. one quick chibi art of sheryl!! 8D
Feb. 21st, 2010 11:48 pm

Ai Con!

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Finally after years of waiting.... I attended my first anime convention here in CEBU!!! and the last one before i lose all freedom as i enter internship >.<;;;
but anyways, I had fun looking at a lot of cosplayers and their costumes, taking pictures of friends and videos and just having a wonderful otaku moment! yes otaku! XD

and what's really cool is that our friends actually dressed up with black costumes of different characters! so it was unintentionally done but we were all in BLACK! Hence, according to :iconahou: we are the Kuro Cosplayers! XD

Don't mind if i have DA icons here... i just copy pasted it from my DA journal ^^
yeah I wore my black yukata which I've been longing to wear waiting for the right time!

my sister :icontwistedkawaii: dressed up with a black lolita dress with her edward scissorhand plushie

:iconglyth: as Lust of Fullmetal Alchemist! she really looked perfect as lust!

Chin as Linali of D. Grayman! she really looked cute in her costume! GO DUCK TAPE!!!

:iconteiflin: as Matsumoto from Bleach. and her katana was cool! i should've brought one too! 8D

and my co-medstudent friend (both of us denying the fact that we have to be studying for exams!) :iconahou: as Hei of Darker than Black! Her costume as Hei was awesome! from the mask to the boots! hehe we should someday try doing a group cosplay with darker than black, cosplaying different contractors and all!!! 8D

yeah we were all black! XD Oh and we are all Hearter alumnis too! 8D

It was a fun day! i hope we can attend another one someday.. someday.............

and some pics:

I'm too lazy to arrange pics!


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