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With another release.

(still hibernating)

Like on previous post, this took quite longer than it should've been, yet here it is! This time we bring you Sho's part with the special guest, Imoto Ayako, from the last last like... Yeah, from the 3hour Shiyagare special from past April.



Translator - chibimui

             Timer - samiraisfan

     Cheerleader - negaii & jheili

As always, please follow our rules and do not re-up, take as your own, re-translate, stream etc. etc. Direct your friends to this community if they want to watch!!

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Hello everyone! One more week till Arashi's Tour Ballot Results will be released!! To keep me preoccupied, I'm here with another entry for the shiyagare food trip

Picked a recent episode which I found interesting as this featured Pasta! and I am interested with the ones in Shinjuku, Aoyama and Yokohama!

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last August 19, 2017

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Recently, I have been rather productive (haha) with doing Bay Storm mini translations. If you have been visiting my site for quite some time (since blogspot days or even earlier!), you probably would know that I post them since back in 2014 (yes, I just realised this).

Then around late 2015, I stopped and now I'm continuing from where I stopped. Which is why you will see me tweeting translations from 2015 on Twitter (and I will post them here too but they are locked to those with friends-access only). Since I only moved to DW in 2015, the translations I did in 2014 are not reposted here. Hence, I'm thinking of doing that because there are some interesting things that Nino said...well, he always say something that amuses me ♡

If you love to read these mini translations, I have been editing the older Bay Storm posts and the ones I edited so far are for the period Nov - Dec 2015. So be sure to use the 'Bay Storm' tag! I'm currently in the 'I want to know what other darn things Nino said on Bay Storm' mode and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts (^▽^;)

I'm glad that I started with the メモカレンダー, it definitely makes it easier to follow Nino matters (*´꒳`*) For instance, keeping up with programs. I will put a ✖ next to the regular program name, if for some reason that particular episode wasn't broadcasted.

And perhaps you are already aware of this, but you can choose to view the yellow calendar 'ニノ' only. On your right under 'Calendars', just click on 'ニノ'. Also, the メモカレンダー can be viewed in either 'Month' or 'List' mode. I personally like to switch modes, like the 'List' mode is good for magazines (*^ー^*)

Another thing I would like to say is, if you like to leave a comment on a post but it doesn't allow you to, you may post it here (did you know I have a page for comments/questions?).
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Thanks a lot to Winkychan (https://winkychan.dreamwidth.org/109852.html) for proofreading and subbing the episode. Please read her post for details and credits. RAW Provider: regret_jh@naver.

Additional reading from Winkychan:
- North Korea responds to latest U.N. sanctions with second missile over Japan (The Japan Times) https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/09/15/national/north-korea-launches-missile-hokkaido/#.Wb7QKdV-r3g

- Moments of remembrance: The 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks (ABC News) http://abcnews.go.com/US/moments-remembrance-16th-anniversary-911-terror-attacks/story?id=49773696

To ARASHI fan communities: In case you would like to translate this episode to languages, please PM Winkychan at twitter (https://twitter.com/winkysakurai). Winkychan could provide raw + softsub.
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Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO.

You can get it here at my journal :)
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Hello everyone!

Here is this week's NEWS ZERO. We included the beginning comment about North Korea, Sho-san's interview with volleyball player Yanagida-san, Ralph-san fanboy comment, and the comment on the 9/11 commemoration.

As before, some parts are MQ stretched to HQ, but most of it is real HQ

NEWS ZERO (2017.09.11)

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If you want to translate it into your language, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to give you the raw + softsub to work on :)
Thanks as always to [personal profile] arashitranslation for letting me use her work, please support her by visiting her Facebook page.
You can also follow me on Twitter to get updates on the subs.
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Bay Storm (17 Sep 2017)

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(Listen: 2017.09.17)

Credit: 杏
Note: My translation is not perfect (*^ー^*)

✉ This listener wrote in asking about how Ohno is doing lately because since his radio show ended, listeners/fans are not able to know his recent happenings. So she wants to know what Ohno is like now from Nino's point of view.

Nino was like, finally a mail asking about what is happening in other people's life. Then Nino asked the staff if they often receive such mails after Ohno's radio show ended. He said he is not Ohno's relative, or maybe he is like Ohno's relative. When Sho's and Jun's radio shows ended, they didn't really receive such mails and Nino was wondering why.

Recently, Ohno is tanned. It's like how you saw him on 24 Jikan Terebi, like a seasoned wood in a buckwheat noodle restaurant. Nino said, didn't Ohno got a tan because of fishing? If it's because of fishing, then Nino could still let Ohno off and hopes that's the reason for the tan. If the tan was a result of a tanning machine, Nino said even he will tell Ohno off. If Ohno said "Nope, it's tanning salon.", then Nino will reply "Why would you do such a thing?"

And continued saying Ohno loves fishing and it's inevitable when he goes fishing (that he gets a tan). There is no place where Ohno can hide (from the sun) so it can't be helped...which is still possible to put it that way. Nino also said it doesn't feel like Ohno is going to a tanning salon. If Ohno is getting that tan colour by going to a tanning salon, then the intensity of the tanning machine should be fairly strong.

Nino said Ohno is doing well and if we do see him somewhere on the streets then please call out to him "Ohno-kun~ I listened to your radio show." as that will make Ohno happy, according to Nino.
Sep. 17th, 2017 05:45 pm

ニノさん(17 Sep 2017)

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★ For personal viewing only.
☆ No reuploading and/or reposting of link
※ Please follow the other rules too. Thank you.
✿ If taking, comments are ♡

Edited (2017-09-19):

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VS Arashi 2017.09.14 - 5x18

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Today's IntroTalk is about Arashi's 18th anniversary! \o/ Will Arashi celebrate this year? What's the address to Ohno's house? And is Arashi's anniversary really the 15th?

Click on Arashi bowing to find out!
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This is my first time writing in DW and since today is Arashi anniversary day based on their Hawaii debut date so this is an perfect excuse to celebrate it with an Arashi post lol

Well I saw this post few times and I wanna give it a shot but since 'lazyness' is my middle name i have yet written it

And I think this 18 questions is so perfect for celebrating their 18th anniversary..Geez Arashi you are an adult now lol

Here we go!!

1. What year did you became an Arashian?
Hard question urgh,,,what count you as an arashi fan..I watched their variety and drama kind of regularly since 2005 (?) but I only tried listening their song 2009, although I liked to listen Truth when it was released :D I blame my friend for the reason why I didn't give it a try to their songs since she said Arashi music is idol type so don't expect much..oh well I m glad I listen to them a lot now

2. Which member baited you and how?
Could I say I was Arashi baited? I watched Gokusen prior that but I have no idea Jun is in Arashi and not bothered to check about him so when my friend showed me their shows in Utaban, D no Arashi and TSD Aiba with the kangaroo I got hooked immediately lol. "What with this group who are so weird and funny but apparently a Johnnys group too" :D then I thought Aiba was so funny with the kangaroo and I didn't know why i didn't realized about Jun only thinking this guy was familiar lol...Sorry Jun your face maybe was changed a little bit lol
hm,, so maybe I can say I m Aiba baited or Arashi baited lol

3. Who is your ichiban when you started? & if you changed, who is your ichiban now?
Always Abang..kyaa..when I got introduced my friend gave me a lil bit trivia about all the members and I just amazed when she said Sho graduated on time while juggling his work and study in the same time..Seems shallow rite? maybe I just wanted more motivation to balance my studies and activities lol
But the more I know the more I admired him so Sho is still my ichiban :D

4. What was your first concert when you became a fan?
Arashi Around ASia 2008 in Seoul. I was lucky when I was an student exchange in Korea Arashi went to Seoul for concert in two days so I bothered my Korean friend to booked the ticket for me and my friend :D
I was hesitated for not watching them at first since I didn't really listen or know their songs or watch their concerts dvd before. But my friend said why not going since we would breathed the same air with Arashi lol. AND IT WAS THe BEST DECISION EVER!! Their concert was amazing!! I was mind-blown and Arashi officially ruining other artists concerts expectation haha and the best thing was I could saw them so close!!
Although I was confused why they had their solo songs in Concert too and most of the time I only could smile like crazy because i had no idea with most of the songs they performed there except HYD ost, Happiness and Truth and oh A.ra.shi. /run


5. Emoticon your Arashi rank?
Rrr.. what is this? can I skip it? lol

6. Your first Arashi official merchandise?
AAA light-stick. At first i didnt wanna buy it because I didn't see what was the point having a light-stick lol and I was late for the 1st day but i bought it in 2nd day after seeing how pretty it was waving the light-stick in the concert haha. Dont ask me where it's now :(

7. Fav Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode)?
AAA 2008, 5x10 concert, and Arafes 2012.. i cant choose between those three. The first two concert was so emotional for me since those year finally Arashi reached their top status and I always feel it from those two :( The other reason is they performed Truth there <3

9. Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has helped you and has been your source of strength?
Sho's rap part in Believe!! I really love the lyrics so much!! I m not really bothered with songs lyrics usually but when i listened Believe while reading the translation I got hooked especially with the rap part. And it really gives me strength when i feel lost or down..sigh

Ittai nani o shiteirundarou
Ittai nani o miteirundarou
Ittai nani ni ikiteirundarou
"Boku wa mou..." Aa mou soumatou no you
Chiisai puraido mamoru tame dareka o fui ni kizutsukeru
Kinou mo kyou mo kyou mo sou darou ga kyou wa kyou de douka shiyou

Zujou ni yuuzen to hatameku bakuzen to shita yume o kakage
Kono michi no saki wa madamada miezu shippai kara shika nani hitotsu manabezu
Sora no mukou koeru tame no kono jinsei no yokuyou
Ano koro no mirai mukai jidai ni kitai sezu mo susumu my life


What exactly am I doing?
What exactly am I looking at?
What exactly am I living through?
"I'm already..." Ah, already my life is flashing before me
Unintentionally hurting someone for the sake of protecting my tiny pride
It's the same yesterday and today and today - today I'll do something about today

Calmly I'll raise my obscure dreams up high
I can't see what's beyond this road yet, the only way I'll learn is through mistakes
The cadence of this life exists so I can cross to the other side of the sky
Facing the future I had back then, my life moves forward with no expectations for this age

souce: taijiproject livejournal
^I miss her translation :(

10. TOP 5 favorite Arashi Group Songs?
a. Truth. enough said
b. Tokei jikake no umbrella ( i was so happy they performed it in Arafes :D )
c. Miles Away ( their harmonization is pretty)
d. Believe
e. Face Down and Calling ( I m torn between these two :D )

11. TOP 5 fav movies of your ichiban?
Aa this is harrdd..can I include his drama too lol
a. Kazoku game, Sho's best drama!! the story and the acting was great..
b. Kisarazu cat's eye, great youth drama
c. Nazodi, the story is dumb but his chemistry with Keiko is good
d. Blackboard SP- The story was so heartbreaking and he was so skinny here
d. Tokio. A warm and bittersweet family drama

Cant wait for Abang's next drama!! Hope it would be great :D

(Lol I made the list while opening his wiki page :D )

12. Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?
Ohno: Song for me, Top secret ( and Hung up on since it's yama collaboration teehee)
Sho: Rolling days and Taboo, though I have soft spot too for Hip Pop Boogie
Aiba: Friendship, and Hello goodbye
Nino: Niji, and Gimmick game :D
Jun: La Familia, Stay Gold

13. Fave games played in VS Arashi
Kicking sniper, Korokoro viking, Cliff climb

14) Favorite album?
Are You Happy? and Beatiful World

15. Fave PV
Happiness since it is pure crack lol

16. Do you own an outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
I have fake jeans my mom gave me and grey parkas from my uni lol

17. Given the chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them individually?
Ohno: please don't forget using sunblock while fishing
Sho: Abang, marry me pleasee!! /run
Aiba: Please tell me how to stay positive in front of people
Nino: Teach me how to enjoy playing games haha
Jun: Thanks for all of your idea for the concerts

18. How will you celebrate the boys’ anniversary this year?
By finishing this questions lol...

and yay finally it is done!!

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:38 pm

Happy 5x18!!! <3

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Happy 18th anniversary Arashi!!!!!!

Congratulations and thank your for working so hard and showing us a beautiful 18 years!
I haven't known Arashi for a long time, but the time that I have known them has been precious and I've learned so many things.

Thank you for cheering me up with your songs. Thank you for making me laugh with your variety shows. Thank you for showing me that I'm not alone when things go wrong, that it's ok to make mistakes, it's ok to cry, laugh, get angry, get scared, and it's ok to just be who I am.

Watching Arashi grow through 18 years, living honestly, running at full speed without taking any shortcuts, and at the same time, looking out for each other and being thankful for the people around them, makes me feel like I want to become a better person like them. Arashi gives me the strength to accept who I am, and move forward and do my best.

It's amazing how 5 people so far away, who I've never met before, can make this much of a difference.
From now on, I want to keep on supporting Arashi as a thank you for everything they've done for me and all their fans.

Wishing them the best anniversary, and many more great years to come!

18 周年おめでとう!!!

いつもありがとう!!! <3

~ 本気で泣いて  本気で笑って  本気で悩んで  本気で生きて ~

Sep. 15th, 2017 06:08 pm

Lessons From That Signal # 5 Fiasco

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Arashi celebrates their 18th formation anniversary today, and I somehow have to apologize for writing this. But there's no better time to talk about it than now, I suppose, while the issue is still fresh.

A subbing community, Signal # 5, advertised on [livejournal.com profile] a_ra_shi that they were going to open applications for membership. Normally, announcements of this nature are welcomed with open arms. Despite LiveJournal being a relatively dead platform, people revive their accounts to apply in the hopes that they will be admitted. For this particular community, the response (from what I saw on Twitter, anyway) was overwhelmingly negative, and - at least in my opinion - with good reason.

(Fair warning before proceeding: This post will be long, and will likely not contain any form of summary. Any advice I give are based purely on my own experiences. I have been a long-time consumer of subbed videos, a translator and QC of a subbing group, and currently head moderator of a site that shares raw files of Arashi shows.)

I'm breaking the post down into what I feel are three main reasons for the backlash, and how it may have been avoided. (There is a fourth one, but since I have not yet confirmed if that is how they still do things it would also be unfair to them if I would include it here.) Click on the Read more links to expand further.

Read more... )

Disclaimer: This is not a call to boycott the group, or to send them threats. If you choose to send them criticisms or suggestions, please be polite. Although it is essentially up to them how to interpret comments, it is obvious that engaging them in a harsh manner is unacceptable.

Brazenly acknowledging a lack of formal study in the language

To quote part of their extremely lengthy Disclaimer (emphasis is part of the original):
You have been informed about this from the very start, so do not complain: Please be informed that the main subber of this community has no formal Nihongo classes, so please forgive us for some inaccuracies that might come. However, we shall do our best to make our translations as accurate as possible. We don't literally translate everything, so we just surmise it from the context of the situation or what has been previously said in the show.

This is alarming for many reasons (some of which I'll be discussing in the third point). But for this one, I'll delve into the language bit.

Read more... )

Unnecessarily stringent application process

The application process is part and parcel of most, if not all, communities involved in translating content related to artists of Johnny's and Associates (J&A). This is because distribution of such content is illegal and is actually punishable by law, so some communities take that extra step of at least trying to get a profile of those genuinely interested in procuring the videos for personal use. Over the years, communities have gotten creative in screening applicants. Apart from the usual questions such as "Who is your favorite member?" or "What is your favorite song?", some have taken to inserting keywords for applicants to find, or asking them to deliver witty one-liners. It seems ridiculous to an outsider, but the fandom in general likes to err on the side of caution.

Gaining admission to locked communities isn't usually a problem despite numerous questions being hurled at by the communities, For Signal # 5, however, the list of items to answer is so ridiculous. Some have compared it to a college essay, others to a job application. I'm inclined to agree because even as an Arashi fan of 7+ years I find it difficult to answer a favorite drama and movie for each member. That part alone was already worth 15 lines. However, that wasn't even what made my eyes roll so hard.

Read more... )

Refusal to accept constructive criticism

I would honestly have let the above two points slide if this third point was not evident in the group's Disclaimer, as well as their interaction with potential applicants and other more experienced translators and subbers who tried to extend a helping hand.

To quote a huge part of the Disclaimer (Emphasis theirs, ellipsis indicates partial redaction):
We might not have the proper Nihongo classes, but then, we know what criticisms to follow and not. We take each critique with a grain of salt and as a learning experience to improve the future subs. So if there's an error in our subs and you corrected it, you have to bear the responsibility of explaining it in full detail why it is an error..."

And as such if you are able to explain it well, we will acknowledge it and correct the error, then make it a basis to further make our subs accurate in the coming projects.

Also, can you keep it discreet? If you want something to be corrected, message us instead. We understand the need to give fangirls quality subs, but sometimes, nitpicking is somewhat negative to the ambience of the happy fangirling life, added the fact that this is not an academe or a workplace, but pure leisure where there is a greater room for mistakes to happen.

Constructive criticism is fine as long as you are aiming to correct a person to make him/her better. Also, in the context of subbing communities, if you cannot devote time to reach the right methods and rules for Japanese grammar and linguistic mechanisms because of the lack of time and be fully trusted by those you want to critique, do not even bother to correct. That's how we see it.

It would be a great negativity if it is not truthfully or sincerely aimed for the betterment of the person who has made the mistake.

Incorrect usage of English grammar rules aside, I have numerous issues with this.

Read more... )

The international Arashi fandom is always growing, and everyone knows more subbers will make everyone happy. But we also need to assess if what we are doing will help the fandom or if it will just be a detriment.

As Signal # 5 and its head mod (who still doesn't seem to understand why the criticisms are actually warranted) seem to be back in business, I hope everyone will at least be aware of the quality of the subs they claim to provide before considering joining the group. Also, do not be afraid to point out any mistakes as politely as possible. It is not wrong to do so, especially if it will be for everyone's benefit - especially theirs. We strive for correctness in this fandom because our boys, even though they are not supposed to see our work, deserve nothing less than for their good reputation to be spread in the most accurate way possible.

I sincerely hope other fans will be aware and will gain something positive from this experience.
Sep. 15th, 2017 08:30 am

Happy 5 x 18

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It's been a while since I made such a huge group pic in chibi form! And I haven't been drawing lately so I feel quite rusty!! 

But anyway it was a fun process !

Happy 5x18 to my Arashian friends!
Hope these guys continue to make us laugh, cry for joy and for sadness due to empty wallets!
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-- The gravure of the issue you first appeared on the cover which was worth commemorating is reproduced, did you remember that time?

M: Though I barely remembered that time, we had a lot of photography with feeling of running. But this page, “Still running on and on!” there is such a title, at that time, we haven’t…
S: We didn’t run much that time (giggle).
M: Because at that time it was less than one year since our debut.
N: When I see it now I think “Then we run on and on!”.
A: From now on (giggle).
O: What was my appearance (giggle).
M: A post like “What are you talking about!”.

-- It is the 55th anniversary of TV Guide. What would you like your 55 years old to be?

O: Around 20 years later. It’s good to live healthily then (giggle).
M: Me too. It’s fine if I feel good.
S: There won’t be change isn’t it?
M: But, ARASHI is not yet in our 20th anniversary, TV Guide is having longer time than ARASHI since debut.
S: I see!
A: The road is long.
M: Indeed the eyesight may get worse that time, eyes may become old-sighted. I also look forward to it. Sho-kun is with good eyesight, it’s too soon for you, right?
S: Now too occa~sionally I see things blurred (giggle).
M: Then put old-sighted glasses!
S: OK. It’ll be interesting, right? During concert when I wave hands, I suddenly put on old-sighted glasses (giggle).
N: Ahahaha, it’s fresh.

-- What would you think about the strength of TV?

S: Indeed its spontaneity, it is a medium that can convey message live, right? During the live music programme I think that “now, at this moment, ARASHI is singing” I have such feeling, this feeling is difficult to feel in other media.
N: Right so.
S: What’s more recently, there are more media which audience can join together.
M: And its appeal. Speaking of our generation, we are used to watching TV at home since we are small, so it is for certain for us to obtain various information from TV.
A: I saw a lot TV~
M: For instance when we go to other districts, there are grandpas and grandmas saying to us that they watch our programmes, this is the power of TV which is different from the Internet world such as SNS, isn’t it?
N: Ohno-san also watches TV. He has a big TV at home.
S: That big TV.
O: … I watch it (giggle).

-- So here, as the course of ARASHI-san and TV Guide, we want to look back the question asked during release of “Love So Sweet” in 2007, “Various things that are sweet”. First of all the sweet thing of Sakurai-san that Ohno-san thought about was “When he dines feverishly”.
O: Ahaha, I said such thing (giggle).
S: I think this is really kawaii (giggle).
M: You say so yourself (giggle).
S: Now still I eat feverishly. Because I barely eat in-between meals, basically I always have empty stomach.
O: You don’t eat in-between meals. I almost haven’t seen you eating snacks.
N: Indeed.
S: However at the filming site of TV drama, when my head can’t work, I eat chocolate!
A: Also the cake time when we all eat cakes. You like cake.
S: Because it’s sweet not snack (giggle).
A: Ahaha, it’s like a girl (giggle).

N: Then, the sweet thing of Ohno-san that I said, "the hairstyle and stoop that is always the same”.
S: Ahahaha.
O: Because the parting of hair doesn’t change.
N: (Reading the cover of past issue) This is the opposite against the parting now.
O: Oh? From time to time it changes (giggle).
M: There is a pattern Ohno-san decided. It’s like sideway, or wave.
S: You have haircut yourself.
O: Yup. Therefore it doesn’t change? My stoop also doesn’t change.
S: Though recently I almost don’t think so…
N: But people first know you will absolutely talk about your stoop. We are used to Ohno-san’s stoop.
S: Is that so, we also became stoop (giggle).
A: The eyesight became the same level (giggle).
S: But, speaking of this, Nino is also said to have stoop since long time ago (giggle).

M: Then the sweet thing of Nino that I said. “During the filming of ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ overseas, when I sent mail to him, he replied sweet message”. Though I remembered nothing about this, that was very sweet.
S: Like Nakajima Kento (giggle).
M: From time to time we sent mails to each other.
N: Yup, because I have been staying overseas for two months. Though I remembered I received mails from all of you… did I reply sweet messages.
M: You did propose too, didn’t you? (Giggle)
N: Probably I did (giggle).
M: It’s also a matter of distance. The member who has been with us together normally was away from us for two months, naturally such sweetness comes out.

S: The sweet thing of Aiba-kun that I think was “easily moved to tears”. “When Aiba-kun went watching film with his younger brother’s couple, seemed only Aiba-kun burst into tears”... Ah. Is that it? “Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu”.
A: Yes that film! I remembered that.
M: You three went watching it?
A: Yes. I cried before my younger brother and his girlfriend, I destroyed the aura for the couple. There was such a time~
M: It should be a movie for dating.
A: It should be they cried together.
M: Because big brother sitting beside cried first.
A: I felt sorry (giggle).
S: Well, the images of Aiba-kun being easily moved to tears just don’t stop. In my memory there are so many scenes of Aiba-kun bursting into tears.
M: The famous work was the live at Hawaii during 15th anniversary, right?
A: Though it wasn’t a work (film)… (giggle).
M: No no, to us each scene is a work.
N: The scene seen during “Waku Waku Gakkou” recently.
S: Facing backwards in front of audience, saying “thank you” in tears (giggle).
M: I laughed a lot. The famous work that makes people touched and laugh!
O: A new form (giggle).
A: Because I have been told not to cry in front of people.
N: You are the one who cry most (giggle).
A: Grandpa, Grandma, people at that time taught this, right?
S: “Men should not cry” teaching like this.
A: Yes yes. Though now it may be different, because I am that generation, indeed I want to hide my tears.
S: You didn’t hide it (giggle).

A: Then the sweet thing of MatsuJun that I said… “Though you are basically a Do S, during location filming of ‘Mago Mago ARASHI’ you played playing house with the girls and you had kawaii movement”.
O: So reminiscing.
A: That gap was kawaii to me.
M: But really, in the morning we met each other saying “nice to meet you”, during lunch we became voluble, when we left it was bit lonely. I felt strongly something like the humanity of grandpa and grandma.
A: It was a great programme.
O: We did a lot location filming, it was fun.

-- Then, thinking about it again, what are the sweet things of each member?

S: Then start from Ohno-san. It should be the smallness of the bag! When we stay in other places overnight, “what should be taken so that they can be included in such a bag” the bag is in such size, I may think “by any chance you don’t wear pants?” (giggle).
O: I wear pants (giggle).
N: If stay one night, things are always the same, right?
M: It’s a bag like tote bag.
O: Yup. I put pants and several T-shirts in.
A: What about when you go overseas?
O: Though I shall bring a suitcase then, it’s hollow inside. I put souvenirs in.
A: It’s sweet (giggle).

O: The sweet thing of Sho-chan…
S: I am basically bitter.
A: He eats baumkuchen and roll cake.
N: He eats a lot indeed.
O: It should be that he sleeps a lot, right? When he has free time in green room, he always goes to sleep.
A: The appearance of his falling asleep is sweet!
O: Fufufu, his sleeping face is heart-throbbing.

A: Nino, it is sweet when he invites me to play game “play together, play together”.
M: The relationship between these two people is sweet even from my point of view.
N: Was I kawaii?
M: Very kawaii (giggle).
A: He taught me me playing games attentively, it was fun.
N: It was fun. Because if it was not fun I wouldn’t play game (giggle).

M: Aiba-kun is the sweetest man. Recently after work when we went for dining, and had a drink after that. Then he brought out from his bag snacks, and said “I took it from the filming site” (giggle).
S: I saw the moment that he took it from the filming site. He put a lot in the bag (giggle).
O: Ahahahaha.
N: It’s stealing isn’t it (giggle).
A: No no, because they are the snacks in the green room! That we can freely take!
S: In Osaka when we had a drink, Aiba-kun also brought along snacks.
A: Ahaha, it was me, it was me.
M: Aiba-kun fits the word “sweet” most.

S: Then MatsuJun, indeed that thing. It’s 55th anniversary so I can talk about this.
M: Because this is special anniversary (giggle).
S: Before official filming he uses the buruburu (shivering) machine to relax the tension of his body (giggle).
All: Ahahaha!
O: Indeed it’s sweet.
M: Is that sweet?
N: It’s sweet.
S: It’s buru buru~ in a very small scale (giggle).
O: He does it all along?
S: He does it before whatever programme filming (giggle).

-- At last, what thing would you five like to do?
S: We five? What would that be…
M: Let’s have a trip with all our family members (giggle). We’ll say to each other “Thanks for your care and support all along!”
A: Filial piety.
O: Ahaha, that would be great.
S: Though ARASHI’s five members have opportunity (to go trip together), our family members don’t meet each other.
N: It’s already employees’ trip (giggle).
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I never thought that I would be working for programme related to U18… In fact in this summer I went to Koshien and watched heated matches live. Originally my Grandfather was a big fan of high school baseball, at Grandfather’s home, from morning till evening, there is live broadcast of high school baseball, and he went to see the practice of the high schools of our hometown・Chiba, he liked high school baseball to such extent. Even now I have a grass baseball team and we play grass baseball, therefore this time I work for the first time for a programme related to high school baseball, I would like to report this to Grandfather.

The charm of the high school baseball is, to bravely chase the ball. To put one’s heart and soul into that ball. In such extreme condition that if you lose once there will be no next match, people are attracted by that players of this generation between children and adults seriously fight for victory. When the match ends, no matter those who win or those who lose everyone is full of emotion “great~”, the feeling “We have been doing seriously during these three years~” is well conveyed.

The representative players are working their best with great responsibility representing Japan. This time Japan, no matter players who played in Koshien or those did not, every player attends the match carrying various things, I shall have my hope on and cheer for all members and hope that this match would be an excited one.

TV Asahi (Kansai region only)
18 Sept 2017 09:55~
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9/13 is updated! Today is about “Navigator of High School Baseball U18”.

Well, it’s a programme of another TV broadcaster…
It seems that Master will work as navigator of a programme picking up the High School Baseball U18.
With Player Kiyomiya as the lead, with players such as Player Nakamura of Koryo High School who had a breakthrough during Koshien,
the talented players fought for the World No.1 in Canada.
Though they yielded the third, I also enjoyed watching it live in late-night.

It’s bit off-topic, while I am really happy that Master will work as navigator!
He has been talking about that he likes high school baseball,
and he goes to Koshien to watch matches himself.
When there is Koshien, he talks about the players and teams excitedly.
I think such passion would connect to his work.
And then… I think it would be happy if this would also connect to Gutto-Sports.

This time Master is going to be navigator of other programme, I received messages asking me whether it would be a problem to Gutto-Sports, my reply is there is absolutely no problem at all! Rather I am happy about this!
Though some might be worried that the two programmes are sports programmes,
I think we just don’t worry about these trivial things, and simply be happy about Master working on things he likes.

The broadcast in limited in Kansai local… Will it also be broadcast in Kanto and other regions??
I absolutely want to watch it!! …. TV Asahi-san! Please!

Gutto Sports / NHK
Weekly Tuesday 22:25 JPT
Re-broadcast Weekly Tuesday 0:55 JPT
Recipe introduced in the programme: http://www.nhk.or.jp/tokyo2020/enjoy/eye/articles/g-sport-10.html
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Yo! I wanna get over these pending pile of food trip notes.. Moving on is an interesting episode for me.. The Sandwich boom! Because I love sandwiches :D And I was able to try wa's sandwich last July in my trip to Japan XD it was the best for me among the shiyagare featured food that I tried.

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last September 17, 2016

Aiba don't talk when your mouth is full XD

Read more... )
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Congratulations to 55th anniversary! It is a long period of time. ARASHI will also work hard aiming for 55th anniversary! At that time, how old shall we be (giggle). It’ll be fantastic if we are idol until that time. My wish to TV Guide-san is… Please keep the logo as it is (giggle). Indeed it becomes a trademark, it is very eye-catching.

When I was small, there were TV Guide-san and TV magazines at home, “I want to watch this programme” I checked the magazines frequently. Like now, I cannot see programme guide on the screen. What I watched a lot was anime and live games of baseball and soccer. In particular, during summer break the anime in the past would be broadcast everyday, I very much looked forward to it. Anime like “Touch” or “Captain Tsubasa”. After that I also watched a lot “Hachijidayo! Zeninshugo”. Indeed I admired TV star The Drifters. Thinking about that, now I have opportunity to work with Shimura (Ken)-san [member of The Drifters], it is really a honour to me.

Now still I watch a lot TV. It is almost no such time that I don’t turn TV on when I am at home. When I get up in the morning I turn it on, when I come back home I turn it on. Though I watch various programmes regardless of genre, in particular I watch many information programmes and news in the morning. It is a source for me to know what is happening now and the current affairs stories. To me TV is a “habit”. It is a must-have for my daily life as well as my work.

--- Playback Aiba Masaki that time! ~ Verification of the popular phrase in the past ~
“The goal 10 years later is to boldly grow to be a man. Recently I also work with kouhais of our company, I feel that indeed I have to grow fast. To me the upcoming 10 years would be ‘journey to become adult’.” - 2009.8.21 issue

Now still I am in the midst of the the journey of “becoming adult” (giggle). Please tell me how I can become an adult! Compared with that time, the opportunity to work with people younger than me increases. Some come to our programmes as guests, in “~ Shimura Doubutsuen” I work with Inoo (Kei). Rather than criticising kouhais, I think it’s the best to have the programme done freely. If they seek my advice, of course I’d answer them.


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