Apr. 30th, 2017

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Hello again! I got busy in the past few days, plus something went wrong with our PC and it needs fixing!
So I am using a mobile device to post this entry..

The month passed by quickly and of course before the month ended, Arashi once again surprised fans with an announcement yesterday for their upcoming wakuwaku event once again. This coming June and July and they will have Sexy Zone as their students!

I was planning for a trip for July, and was having the intention of booking on the last week, but after hearing the news, I decided to change my tentative plan of last week into first week of july so that I can have a chance to watch the event!

How I wish I could attend the day of nino's bday but osaka wasn't in my expenses yet, so I will try my luck in Tokyo!

I hope I can hit and I also hope I can meet some arashi fans on the day of the event!!


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