Apr. 23rd, 2017

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I saw this in FB, but I don't wanna post my answers there, so what better option? HERE!!

18 questions about Arashi (since they are turning 18 this year)
Will not tag, feel free to answer them if you want to


1) What year did you became an Arashian?

Officially became one last January 2012 :D I am a 5 yr arashian now!!

2) Which member baited you and how?
Nino! I know I watched hanadan like earlier, around 2007 and heard of matsujun but matsujun wasn't enough to lure me to arashi. I remember my friend even showed me a concert during hanadan days, but still didnt get hooked.
I watched stand up drama during 2011, and at that time I was really into JDRAMAS, and nino's acting amazed me! So I kept watching his other works, then realized that he could sing well, ended up with me realizing he was part of arashi! then I saw variety programs of arashi that featured lots of actors and actresses ( such as VSA, shiyagare, himitsu no arashi chan) and then I realized that they're a really entertaining group. and their songs were actually nice to listen! \

so, thanks nino!

3) Who is your ichiban when you started? & if you chnaged, who is your ichiban now?
ichiban is nino, and I kinda described it in number 2 how it started.. it went way back to the arashi baiting hahaha. and nino still remains ichiban until now

4) What was your first concert when you became a fan.
hmm I watched Beautiful World, I think.. I remembered seeing posts of its release and I even asked for a friend to email me the soft subs XD

5) Emoticon your Arashi rank
Umm I cant emoticon my arashi rank here though because I am in the PC
but this is my rank:

6) Your first Arashi official merchandise?
what was it... probably the arafes 13 limited edition DVD.. coz that time I started work and I could earn money to buy what I like hihihi

7) Fav Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode)?
Fave concert is Boku no Miteiru Fuukei, others would include arafes, LOVE

8) Fave Song (group) from your favorite concert?
Mukae ni Ikuyo. This is one of my favourite, slow type/ballad/dramatic song by Arashi. and it is in this con
also Mada ue o and Let me Go.

9) Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has helped you and has been your source of strength?
frome the song, Everything (refrain part)
赤から青に変わるシグナル 戻ることの出来ない旅の途中で

Aka kara ao ni kawaru shigunaru modoru koto no dekinai tabi no tochuu de
Ashita wo shinjite susumitai

A signal changing from red to green I'm in the middle of a journey that I can't turn back from
I want to go forward believing in tomorrow

translations taken from yarukizero of LJ :)

10) TOP 5 favorite Arashi Group Songs?
To Be Free
______ i always have difficulty which one becomes my 5th rank..
if I would try to include B sides then I would put "it's good to be bad"

11) TOP 5 fav movies of your ichiban?
Gantz Perfect Answer
Platina Data
Assassination Classroom (he is there as korosensei)

12) Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?
Jun: Stay Gold, Shake it
Sho: T.A.B.O.O., Hip Pop Boogie
Nino: Niji / Mata Kyou to Onaji Ashita ga Kuru
Aiba: Hello Goodbye, Magical Song
Ohno: Akatsuki, Song for You

13) Fav games played in VS Arashi
Kicking Sniper, Pinball Runner, Cliff Climb

14) Favorite album?
Boku no Miteiru Fuuke
Are You Happy?

15) Fave PV?
Crazy Moon
All or Nothing
Fuukatsu Love
Don't you get it

haha long list it was

16) Do you own an outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
... nope

17. Given the chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them individually
For Ohno; Let's do an art jam or draw together
For Nino: I want to ask your psn account if you have, let's play games together
For Sho: I want you to meet my friend who is a big fan of you
For Aiba: I want to eat in your family's chinese restaurant, please recommend me a menu
For Jun: I look forward to your next concert production!

18) How will you celebrate the boys anniversary this year?
Last year my theme was arashiful 2016 and I was able to go to my first concert
this year my theme is motto arashiful 2017, and I hope I can attend more concerts, and watch all the member movies coming out this year in Japan!



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