Apr. 18th, 2017

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Yesterday the announcement that fans have been waiting for has happened!

The Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 ARE YOU HAPPY? concert DVD/BD release date is on May 31, 2017

That is not too far away from now!!!

After one day of refreshing yesasia for PO links to appear, finally I was able to place my preorder on the Limited version, Blu Ray AYH concert!!!

I haven't placed an order on the RE because I plan to buy it when I visit Japan later this year.

My wallet is ready to shed off money. JE knows how to do market strategy indeed!!

Bundling the Japonism Arena Show with the LE... though I already had this feeling since last year that the arena would possibly be released in DVD but bundled to one concert DVD...

I know fans are excited, and I am also aware fans are in despair with the financial crisis..

This was my first Arashi concert, and I NEED to get my hands on that LE! Can't wait for it to arrive!!


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